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After hours of concentration, i have come to a conclusion that minecraft is somewhat interesting, so here we go.

I started Minecraft a week ago, and texture packs can be fun. (I'm too much of a dipshit to install mods)
Creepers are assholes, and villagers have big noses. I build in creative most of the time, so it isn't an

Yes, i pirated minecraft, yes, i am cheap, and no, i don't give two shits. I'll buy it later.

I am currently building a dungeon with a RPG texture pack, pics will come later.

I also made a skin, which you should be able to see below.

That's it for now, i think.


2012-12-01 13:27:42 by TheHumanNugget

This is a news post. I have nothing interesting to say.

Please provide insight to this problem in the comments.